Who We Are

Tax and Audit Solutions is simply a trading name of Number 25 Pty Ltd. Look us up. We registered other names as well to pretend to be something or someone else. But that’s now who we are. What we do is simply what we should be called… because it aligns with our core belief of being straightforward and honest.

Mission statement? We’ll take that any day of the week. Really – why would you want anything different from your accounting partner?

We are a firm who believes on leveraging modern technology to give us timely information… to help make timely decisions. We’re not a traditional firm with an office, over-comfy reception area with coffee machines and a dozen kinds of tea on arrival… because that’s not what you’re after too (is it?)

We believe in speaking plainly, in your language. Because, if you can’t understand what we’re saying – what’s the point? That’s how we provide the Solutions to help you succeed.

Do you have any questions? Let us help you.