An Australian Financial Services License (“AFSL”) audit isn’t just an audit of your financial statements, but it’s also not an audit of your own client files.

It’s so much more than that.  In addition to a statutory audit on your own accounts, we also review relevant registers and compliance with the Corporations Act, as well as reviewing your cash needs projections.  That’s what’s required as part of your license.

That’s three seperate engagements in one – the finacnial statements (historical audit), the cash needs projection (future information review) and a compliance audit.

With a strong interest in AFSL audits, we have developed our own tailored program to achieve these efficiently and effectively… because you’d rather be dealing with your clients than keeping your auditor happy.  It’s ok, we understand.  But in a post-Hayne world – do you want to run the risk of not being told something by your auditor who may not specialise in the area?

We audit all licensees, from boutique sole practitioners, to multi-partner firms, through to wholesale investors and equity funds.  Whislt we’ve also been involved with Responsible Entity audits in the past, we’d prefer to refer to you a specialist firm in this area if that’s who you are – but we’re happy to talk.

It’s your license at the end of the day.  Why leave part of your compliance to someone who wouldn’t take it as seriously as you (and we) do?