We’ve seen a fair amount of media publicity since 2018 about deliberate schemes to underpay workers – cases such as 7-Eleven, Caltex, the Grossi Empire and numerous international chains.  We know that Woolworths and Bunnings also didn’t get it right when it came to their staff entitlements.


What isn’t publicised is how Fair Work are almost weekly receiving judgments awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars of fines for non-compliance resulting in underpayment, even if unintentional.  Adn even if those parties are using outsourced payroll… there’s still a lot of argument about who is and isn’t responsbile (and say what you want about litigating against outsourced providers, but that takes time and money… and those fines need to be paid first regardless).  Simply put – payroll… get it wrong and you’re dancing with danger.


We not only audit payroll systems for compliance (using a compliance audit frame work approach), we also consult on award interpretation and reviewing payroll systems so that if you have it in-house, you can be comfortable that you’re doing what you need to do.  And if there’s a better way, since we also consult in these systems, we’re happy to tell you what that is – because payroll is a compliance activity that keep your staff happy and stops you being fined at the end of the day.


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