We both prepare accounts for SMSF’s, as well as audit them (but not both!)

With our clients we are able to complete compliance actions such as accounts, tax returns, and BAS – and ensure compliance with the relevant requirements of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act and its regulations. If we prepare – we don’t audit – we know the rules on independence too and don’t want to jeapordise you, or ourselves, by even being in a position where we could be questioned.


Truly Independent SMSF Audits – APES110 Compliant

On the audit side, we can audit your fund from your accountant. Use us as a check that they’re really doing things right and asking the right question. Over a dozen eastern suburbs firms use us as an independent auditor already and that number keeps growing. We take it seriously, even if many others out there don’t.

Changes to APES110 (the governing rules for ethics and independence) really mean that there is no way the same firm can prepare the accounts and complete the audit for a fund.  We’re proud to be truly independent in every sense of the word when it comes to audits.  If you’re not independent – that means you’re dependent – and that means you’re not getting the audit the law says you should be getting.


Investment Advice

We also know our limitations -and to that end on the investment side, we’ve cultivated long term relationships with several financial advisors – so we won’t just recommend you to our buddy, we’ll give you a choice of people to speak to if you do need further advice – so you can work out if you’re as comfortable with them as you are with us.


Your SMSF is your retirement peace of mind. We want you help you have that peace of mind, no matter what hat we may wear, no matter what stage of your retirement journey you’re at.